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UL Lafayette Electrical and Computer Engineering Fall 2023 Department’s Graduation Reception

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Louisiana State Senator Gerald Boudreaux came to the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department (EECE) yesterday, November 29, 2023, to be a part of the department's graduation reception. The reception is held to honor upcoming graduates of the rigorous curriculum, and Senator Boudreaux came as the honored guest speaker to show his support. The EECE Department is very thankful to Senator Boudreaux for his support of the CAPE CubeSat Program and its goals to train students for 21st century jobs.

The reception was a comfortable and informative, banter-filled presentation where the audience was led through a snap-shot of the EECE Department by Dr. Magdy Bayoumi. He has a charming way of relating with everyone, as does Senator Boudreaux.

When it was senator Boudreaux’s time to speak, he was genuinely impressed with the EECE Department’s work, but more so by the spirit in the room.

Dr. Magdy Bayoumi, Senator Gerald Boudreaux

Senator Boudreaux, the faculty, and the students all had something to say about the wonderful atmosphere created by the people in the Department, a true joie de vivre -- an exuberant enjoyment of life.

Dr. Magdy Bayoumi, Senator Gerald Boudreaux, Dr. Ramesh Kolluru, and Mr. Georges Antoun


Senator Boudreaux highlighted his experience with the Department as well. "I want to acknowledge… the CAPE Program… One thing we are proud of is that we are the only University in Louisiana who is doing this." Senator Boudreaux is referring to the CAPE CubeSat Program housed in the Department which has the express goal of exposing students to aerospace design and development by letting them build satellites. CAPE is working on their fourth satellite at the moment.

Senator Boudreaux was presented a model of the CAPE-4 satellite, pictured below, to honor his service to the community. The students designed and constructed the genuine model as a personalized memento of his visit.


Dr. Paul Darby, Garth Likens, Michel Erny, Tristen Charles, Dr. Magdy Bayoumi, Senator Gerald Boudreaux, Paul Pryor, and Mr. Nick Pugh