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Advisory Board

The Departmental External Advisory Board (DEAB) represents the industry constituency and serves to provide valuable information about student performance in industry. Our advisory board includes:

Data Com Logo

Mr. Nick Pugh

Chairman of the Board

LUS Logo Mr. Hunter Boudreaux

 Chief Electrical Engineer

Cleo Logo Mr. Scott Champagne Senior Engineer
Stuller Logo Mr. Patrick DuBois Director of Research (Retd)
IEEE Foundation Logo Mr. Joe Lillie Director
Technology Management Group Logo Lt. Col. Glen Logan Principal Engineer
Lockard and White Logo Mr. Randall Neck Vice President & GM
Texas Energy Network Logo Mr. Bryan Olivier Chief Executive Officer
LUS Logo Mr. James Palmer Chief Operating Officer
Verzion Business Logo Dr. Daniel Peterson Senior Engineer
Cisco Systems Logo Mr. Mike Sonnier Distinguished Systems Engineer
Inolet Logo Mr. Randy Tassin Vice President
LUS Logo Mr. Scotty Touchette Sales Engineer
SpatiaX Infosystems Logo Mr. Kenneth Werther Chief Technology Officer


The advisory board meets each fall and spring semester to assess our graduates' performance. The board assists with the department's strategic planning by assisting with analysis and helping to develop the six-point plan for the department's growth and development. Members of the board also help the department secure external funding for scholarships and research, as well as mentor our students on senior design projects.